Follow these instructions to create an Experian account on

It's totally FREE. You don't have to pay anything! Just follow the instructions closely to make sure you don't pay anything.
I Understand
Please give Upsolve permission to access your credit report with the Experian username and password you create. *

I understand that these instructions will help me create an account with Experian. I need to create this account so that Upsolve can access my credit report.

I will give the username and password I use to create this account to Upsolve so that the Upsolve team can help me file for bankruptcy.
Watch the video below.

After you watch the video, go to and create an account for yourself. 

Follow the instructions closely so that you see how to get your credit report for FREE. You don't have to pay for anything.

What's your full name? *

What's the username that you just created for yourself on *

What's the password you just created for yourself on

Thanks so much for creating an Experian account.
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